Questionnaires - investigate the employability of the graduated students by the means of 4 questionnaires to be filled in by students graduated from the school 5 years before, last year students, employers and freshly graduated students, respectively. The answers will be statistically analysed, summarized in a booklet and a comparison between partner school's results will be made

Project modules

Interviews were made and analysed by students to get know more about chances to find an interesting, well-paid and satisfactory job or to find out information about a certain job (conditions for obtaining the job, chances for men and women to get the job, nice parts and difficult parts of the job, etc.)

Small projects (P): The aims of these projects are to help to understand the painful parts of the past, how they influence the present and to try to overcome these old gender and international problems by developing new-type relationships among people, using the new opportunities offered by the modern information and communication technology. In this first stage the students were only asked to collect information and wrote reports about the subjects.

Dissemination activities