Encouragement for changes is a Comenius school project

Four schools from four European countries decided to develop a common project in order to enhance their ability to provide education, training, guidance and information to students, particularly female-students, so as to improve their employment chances.

Main aims of the project

Developing this project we are dealing with some educational aspects like "achievement of equality of opportunity" and "social inclusion for every person". Working appropriate we can't (and we don't want to) avoid confronting us with principles like: freedom and equality in dignity and rights for all, fundamental social right of participation, social Well-being for all, values like: "person - centeredness", "inclusion for all" and problems related to education.

This project is meant to enable students and teachers to discover and prove gender roles (to question traditional rules, socialization and education of girls and boys) and to cultivate and enjoy a gender equitable climate in the classrooms. Thru direct communication within the partner-schools, it also intends to strengthen the school capacity to more effectively address the issues of the graduate students entering the labour market. For our working in these aspects, we will try to find out special requests of employers by interviewing our associated partners in the different countries (e.g. Daimler Benz, EWE, different research institutes, …). We hope for finding and comparing working conditions (e.g. work done by men and by women, payment for men and for women, hours and timing, promotions, benefits, facilities, training, …) in different European countries. It could be possible to find some reasons in deeper understanding some aspects related to the national school systems.

The project also intends to develop methods of teaching/learning in each partner school. With all these means we would like to enable our students (boys or girls) to discover their abilities and to become more self-confident in them and also to improve those abilities that will lead to a future successful integration into real social life.