Petrik Lajos Két Tanítási Nyelvu Vegyipari, Környezetvédelmi és Informatikai Szakközépiskola

The Petrik Lajos Vocational School for Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and Information Technology is celebrating his 125th anniversary this year. This means more for us than just a ceremony. We were the first technical vocational school in Budapest and that made the school responsible for the students' professional interests. We have always tried to train them according to the chemical industry's expectations. For a few years, however, the world has been changing around us, and we had to make more possibilities available for the students. Now we have classes in chemistry, environmental sciences and information technology. New challenges in life, new demands on the part of the employers, new points of views - our school is ready to help to find the ways.

Some hard facts of the school: Some out-school activities:

Our students take part every year in national theoretical and vocational school competitions - quite often several of them win medals (mainly is chemistry and environmental sciences). Many of our graduates occupy important jobs and prestigious posts in their profession and - of course - we would like to maintain this 'tradition'. For that reason we often organise meetings between the present and the former students and asked students and ex-students to fill in questionnaires sharing their experiences and opinion concerning the teaching and training practice of the Petrik with us.

We are in close, everyday professional relationship with several Hungarian universities and some of them run accredited courses in our school as well. After more than fifty years we can proudly say, that most of the chemical and pharmaceutical factories look at our school as the resource of the "new supplies". One of our mottos is to produce students, who acquire not just professional but practical knowledge as well. How to find and keep jobs? Our main task is to help the students to answer these questions. And we believe that we have found the right way. We can say it with pride that among the vocational schools we have achieved a very high rank of place.

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