Cluj-Napoca is one of the biggest towns of Transylvania (Dracula's "country"), situated in the North-West of Romania. Our school is situated in the center of the town and along its existence (almost 100 years) it has assumed the role of character builder and personality shaper for all the young people who have chosen to study in our school. These young people have managed extraordinary performances in a century marked by social and historical torments, by unpredictable renewals and irreversible breaches.

Nowadays, the life of our school is given by: 792 students from its 14 high-school classes, 8 secondary-school classes, 7 primary-school classes; 50 teachers that represent an avant-garde of the innovations in the field of education 20 administrative staff that makes the school works at its best. The results of the national examinations (with a 100% degree of promotion rate and numerous grades between 9 and 10), are a proof of the persevering work of the students and teachers.

The concern for an extremely complex and serious preparation is also illustrated by the attendance and great results of the students in school contests. We can pride ourselves with more than 35 first prizes, 40 second prizes, 40 third prizes and over 150 special prizes obtained in the last 10 years at different national contests.

Extracurricular activities achieved by our students are:
Trans-national projects:
DIR-EMAS (school development- Comenius project), ENO Environment Online, Encouragement for changes (Comenius- school project), Being young in Cluj and Hannover: youth language and activities (Comenius- language project), Spring Day, Euroscola, Culture and traditions (bilateral exchange with a school from France), Join Multimedia Siemens, Holocaust project, Youth in the European Union, Aliante, Model of the European Parliament
National projects: Sarmisegetusa archaeological camp, the Debate project, the Anti-corruption project English Language Summer Courses with the participation of British students, the school's review: "Horizons" Exchanges between the Students Councils - partnerships with schools from Cluj-Napoca.

Along the years, Colegiul National "Emil Racovita" has preserved high standards of education, has kept to tradition but at the same time adopted modernity, which has given it increasing reputation and the privilege of being one of the county's and the country's most prestigious schools.

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