I4: Interviews with women researchers at Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche - carried out by the Italian students

Date: 2006-04-12

Women in Europe in Their Working Environment

The students of the project class in Italy attended the conference, held in Rome, of the National Research Centre (CNR), in order to contribute to the European Community project on women in their working environment.

The students have interviewed some of the women who were at the Conference and who performe different tasks in their jobs and each one of them has replied according to their work performances. Here you'll find the questions:
1) Had anyone problems with colleagues of the opposite sex?
2)How are they employed?
3)Do men have more opportunities than women in their career?
4)Are working hours the same for both men and women?
5)Do they prefer men or women as leaders?
6)Do they have problems for maternity leave?
7)Do they have different salaries?