P1: "The persecution of witches in the 14th to 18th century": An e-mail project organised by the German partner school

Date: 2006-04-12

Partners: DE, HU
The aim of this "small project" is to collect documents, data, pictures, etc. and write small reports about the following subject: Why and how were certain women accused by witchcraft in the Middle Age and early Modern Age? What were the consequences and what can we learn from the history of the persecution of witches?

Description of the small project
In a few centuries hundreds of thousands of people, mainly women, were accused of witchcraft and burnt at the stake because they were allegedly responsible for disasters, diseases, crop failure and deaths of people and animals.

There were more than 2000 witch trials in Hungary and more than 15 000 cases in the area of Germany. By asking for reasons why and how these atrocities, persecution and murder could happen and sharing what they found out with their partner school the German and Hungarian students learned that discrimination is often based on pure superstition and prejudices.

Further more by taking a closer look at the persecution of witches in early modern age, the students analysed a phase of enormous change in society which led to the fact that people who did not conform to norms were used as scapegoats. They compare recent discrimination of people as scapsgoats to the persecution of witches in former times. They learn what it means to stick up for victims of discrimination and persecution.

Here you can download the presentation realized by the Hungarian students.