P4 "Women in science, politics and literature" / "Women as Nobel Prize Laureates": a small research project the German, Italian and Romanian students proposed as a revealing look into the history of science, literature and politics

Date: 2006-04-12

Partners: IT, RO, DE
Aim: raising and enhancing awareness about gender issues in scientific careers.
Students learn about the role of well known women in the fields of politics, literature and science. In the elective English course (in DE) they are reading texts and books by famous women writers and texts about well known women out of the aforementioned fields. Some example biographies include Jane Austen, Astrid Lindgren, Marie Curie, Angela Merkel and some famous women from the women's rights movement from the 19th century onwards.
-Web Quests,historical researches (biography etc.), collecting information about figures and statistics, interviewing women who are employed in research centers;
- working out presentations in group work.
Process and communication between the partners:
Communication is running per e-mail as well as on both communication platforms: schola-21 (for students and teachers) and EUN-Community (for teachers).
-Interviews and evaluation form, structured essays, free writing, presentation about women who were Nobel Prize Laureates (Marie Curie), impressions by RO-students;
-overview of women careers in Italian research centers on the basis of the book "Minerva's daughters", Power Point Presentation about women who were Nobel Prize Laureates, focus on Rita Levi Montalcini's and Margherita Hack's biography by IT-students;
-talks to the class and writen short essays about texts/ books they have read and about information they have found, by the DE students.
Information about the 'small project' has been always shared through several communication channels: on project meetings, per e-mail, on the schola-21-platform.