Workshop about the project on 25th November 2005 at the time of the LEND Congress

Date: 2006-04-12

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In the European Year of Active Citizenship 2005, Lend -Associazione di lingua e nuova didattica, a multilingual association of language teachers in Italy with an over 30 years old history, organized a national meeting at the University "La Sapienza" in Rome.

From November 24th till 26th teachers from all over Italy had the opportunity to attend the lectures by European experts and to participate to workshops and poster sessions.

During the Lend-Congress, the project coordinators developed the workshop "Encouragement for changes: Our contribution to the European Year of Citizenship through Education".

It was a wonderful occasion for the Encouragement for Changes project team to share with the language teachers (and not only with them) information, experiences and didactic methods for helping our students to enhance their awareness about gender differences, equal chances in education and training curricula, stereotypes about "typical" male and female jobs.

The participating teachers had interesting discussion on the so-called "typical-male" "typical-female" jobs. Questions like "Are there any jobs which are only for men or only for women?" "Could you imagine a woman taxi driver in the Fifties" or "Have you ever seen Kindergarten male teachers" were formulated by the participants and remarks like "I have never thought that women can be interested in getting a job as a mechanic" or "Our decision (for example in defining a job in a list as a male/female job) is mainly based on our experience" showed that we teachers can do more to reduce gender stereotypes.

The feedback we received from the participants encourage us to keep on searching for occasions to disseminate our project.