Boys and girls / girls and boys- partners in private and public life

Date: 2006-04-14

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This project module is based on the Girls and boys- partners in private and public life guide published by the Center of Partnership for Equality, a member of the Soros Open Network Romania. The main purpose of this guide is to support teachers in developing activities together with students and for their benefit, in order to help them discover and understand themselves as well as others. Are we, boys and girls, free enough to develop our capacities? Do we, boys and girls, have the same talents and abilities? Are we, boys and girls, richer because we are different? Have we, boys and girls, the same rights? Are we learning alike? Are we real partners at home, at school, and in society? Are we living together, or are we living parallel lives? Does a young girl have the same chances as a young boy to have both a career and a family life? The suggested activities will give students and teachers chances to understand, realistically, what equal chances for men and women mean.