Gender issues at the Spring Day event (RO)

Date: 2006-07-02

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On the 20th of March 2006 we organized a Spring Day event in our school. Students presented their projects.
Different classes from our school decided to focus on two of the Millenium Goals:
Promote gender equality and empower women is the goal chosen by the high-school graders
Ensure environmental sustainabilityis the goal chosen by the primary and secondary school graders.

The elder students (the 10th and the 11th graders) were interested in gender equality.
Some of them wanted to see if women have the same chances of becoming scientific researchers as men. That's why they interviewed 14 scientific researchers, men and women, from our town. On the 20th of March the students presented the conclusions of these interviews.

Some other high-school students were intersted in the role of women during the resistence movements. They presented the project Anna Frank (Childhood / Teenage / Hiding / Betrayed / Anna Frank's Journal / Anna Frank in literature and movies).