Project meeting in Budapest, Hungary, November 2004

Date: 2006-04-14

The meeting was organized on the 15th - the 18th of November 2004 and it was attended by representatives of all partner schools.
It was the first face to face meeting of the project coordinators. Therefore it was about to get know one another in person, learning to work together and getting to know circumstances in the Hungarian partner school.

After the four schools involved were introduced by the participants, the various project ideas were presented, discussed and in part illustrated using concrete examples. Some of the examples were later implemented in the modules. The colleagues from Rome, Cluj and Oldenburg want to thank their hosts from the Petrik Vocational School in Budapest for the warm welcome, the well-organized meeting and the many different impressions they could acquire.

The programme of this meeting included:
o Presentation of the plans for the first year of the project
o Performance about Hungary, Budapest and the "Petrik Lajos Vocational School" by Hungarian students
o Discussion about the communication platform (Schola 21)
o Practical approaches of the German modules.
product picture
Introducing Schola-21
product picture
Planning the project
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Students presentation