Project meeting in Oldenburg, Germany, February 2005

Date: 2006-04-14

The big meeting of the first year was organized in Oldenburg, Germany, 7th - 13th February, 2005. This meeting was attended by students and teachers from all the partner schools.

During the meeting we:
  • Worked on the project topic (visit at Daimler Chrysler Benz, Universum)
  • Worked on the common product of the first year - Newsletter 1
  • Improved our English
  • Participated in a guided tour of town the German students prepared for us
  • Learned a lot about the German culture
  • Worked and had fun together
The visit at Daimler Chrysler Benz
One of the main aims of the project is to strengthen the schools' capacity to more effectively address the issues of the graduate students entering the labour market. That's why the central point of our meeting was the visit to Daimler Chrysler Benz. Our students found out special requests of employers, working and apprenticeship conditions by interviewing representatives of our associated partner from Bremen. In this factory some luxury cars - Mercedes SL and Mercedes SLK - are produced. The main purpose was not just having a walk through the factory buildings and watching how they made the cars, but the students had special tasks as well. First of all, the day before the visit, the partner students were into different groups - one student from each nationality to every group - and all the groups got an 'area' where they had to find questions too. They wondered about the gender of the employees at the factory, how one can get a job there, if they have a trade school for students, what qualifies someone to get a job at the factory etc. They tried to find questions which were related to the topics of the project. The Daimler Chrysler excursion focussed on five topics: 1. the company itself; 2. production and departments; 3. job outlines; 4. apprenticeship/training; 5. qualifications. After attending a short lecture and seeing a video about the factory, the students shortly interviewed the hostesses and - to see everything in practise - we went for a long walk around the huge factory buildings. The area of the Daimler Chrysler looked like a town in the town. It was amazing to see how a big company like this works like a family. The tour started at the training centre where we were allowed to speak with the apprentices and, as they are about as old as most project students, they felt comfortable. The company aims at enhancing motivation among employees and apprentices, too, and we could feel it in the air. We could get to know what sort of qualifications do they get and what are the conditions to be an employee of the company. During the following days the international groups sat together again and wrote a small feedback about their experiences in their area. Everything was worked out in the computer room and on Saturday each group presented the results of their working together, gave and was given feedback about them.

A visit to the Universum in Bremen
After we stopped at the Daimler- Chrysler buildings where a small group wanted to have a look at them, the rest of the group continued their way to the Universum. You may ask "What is the Universum?" Well, the Universum is a building which looks like a landed UFO or a shell. It's kind of a museum where you can test all the things yourself and where you can discover different worlds. The three expeditions are called "Earth", "Human" and "Cosmos". It was a really nice day at the "Universum" in Bremen and it was also very interesting and informative. The foreign students liked it too and at the end of the day, we went to the city of Bremen.

Students' impressions
'Our hosts, the teachers and the students in Germany, were great because they prepared an interesting and attractive time-table. Each day we found out something new.' (Raluca, student from Cluj-Napoca)
'I'd like to stress the hospitality of the families. They were so nice to me; they treated me like a daughter.' (Judith S., student from Rome)
'It was a great experience to see how people belonging to different cultures worked together. I also enjoyed the group work with our fellow students.' (Zoltán B., student from Budapest)
'My parents were surprised how well we all got along with each other.' (Sara, student from Oldenburg)

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Hard facts at DC
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Guided tour
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Preparing the DC visit
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Starting point of DC visit
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Apprentice at DC
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Cars and engines
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Working on the Newsletter 1
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Working and becoming friends
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Evaluation of the week
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Evaluating the project meeting
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Students presentation
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