Project meeting in Budapest, Hungary, March 2006

Date: 2006-04-14

The big meeting of the second year was organized in Budapest, 21st - 27th of March, 2006, and it was attended by students and teachers from all the partner schools.

The meeting was a big step in our coming together, in our friendship.
My "adoptive" family was and is full of warmth; only Regina speaks English but with the others we spoke with our eyes. I feel like I have known them all my life. (Raluca, RO-student)
David is a good host and his family is very nice. ... His sister was like my sister and every night we had long conversations about many different topics. ... I had a very good time in this family and I am happy about it. (Sabrina, IT-student)
I am happy that we could see so much of Budapest and around the city. I enjoyed our activities a lot. (Malika, DE-student)
I met a lot of nice people and I have got more friends! I am the host of Eleonora and Raluca, They are VERY VERY NICE GIRLS and I love them! My family love them, too.
I learnt a lot about women all over the world-and even more interesting things! I developed my English and learnt a lot of new words. I think my English is better now.
The Budapest meeting was very good for me and I hope it was good for the others. I hope it wasn't the last meeting! I like it so much! (Regina, HU-student)

This meeting was also an important step in our working together. The students presented each partner school's project work and some of the realized products.
The project presentations
The day the students had to present our work during the second year of the project had finally arrived.
Here are the impressions of the students about the presentation:
"I was only a bit nervous because I knew all the others and everyone was friendly to me". (Jonas, Germany)
"After the presentation I was happy to hear that our work was appreciated and the others liked it" (Mara, Romania)
"When I had to explain our project work I was not scared, because I found it more and more exciting. It was a wonderful experience". (Sabrina, Italy)
The students also worked together on the project topic, by trying to find out working conditions for men and women in a Hungarian company and worked on our common product of the second year, the second issue of our newsletter.
Visit at the Suzuki Factory in Esztergom
An event we were all looking forward to was the visit at the Suzuki Factory. All the students were eager to see one of the biggest car factories in Eastern Europe, where Suzuki Swift, Ignis and AX 4 are produced.
Students were interested in five topics: history, production, employment, health, safety opportunities.
They found out some interesting aspects for our project. Among these we would like to mention the fact that from the 3100 employees, 1000 are women and that among the 1000 Slovakian workers there are not less than 800 women.
We were ensured that there is no type of discrimination, as they are interested in quality of the work only. The female employees work both in the halls and the offices.
Next day. the international groups gathered and discussed about the visit. After the discussion students went to the computer room to summarize the information they had received during the factory tour. The results of their working together were presented on the same day in the afternoon.
product picture
German students presentation
product picture
Romanian students presentation
product picture
Italian students presentation
product picture
Hungarian students presentation
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Group photo
product picture
Preparing Suzuki visit
product picture
Suzuki study visit
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Guided tour in Budapest
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Working on the Newsletter 2
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Lunch at school
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Having fun
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Evaluation of the week