Project meeting in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, March 2007

Date: 2007-04-09
The big meeting of the second year was organized in Cluj-Napoca, 5th - 10th of March, 2007, and it was attended by students and teachers from all the partner schools.

During the project meeting, there were organized many activities, which all supported us, students and teachers, in establishing an intercultural dialogue & friendship and also in deepening our knowledge in the project's topic and in producing the final & common product. Guided tour of the Cluj city, the discussion with prof. Petruta Mandrut from Babes Bolyai University on gender studies, presentations of the partner schools work within the project, the study visit to Sighisoara, being spect-actors in the Forum Theater, visitin Sistec are some of the main activities developed during the meeting.

Presentations of the partner schools work within the project
On the 7th of March students from all the partner schools presented their work at `Emil Racovita` National College. They all had in view the women role in nowadays society, regardless the topic they have focused on: Women in Chemistry, Women in Music, Women in Mathematics, Women in Computer Programming/Web Designing/Software, Geishas etc. As a proof that E f C promotes tolerant behaviour based on reciprocal respect and equality related to women, students tried to enter the backstage of some professions which are said to be more suitable for men (just like: Computer Programming, Scientific researches, Conducting) and demonstrate that women are also able to activate in these areas and even reach remarkable achievements. Even though each partner school had a slightly different view on women, this being natural as they come from different environments, by presenting our work and having brainstorming sessions, a jigsaw representing women role in nowadays society was created.
Daria Rokk (RO). Mara Rotaru (RO), Radu Gidei (RO). Orsolya Varga (HU)

Study visit to Sighisoara
We went up the hill to the historical center of the town. And it has an amazing panoramic view. Than we have listened to the history of the town, which has its beginning from the medieval times, and we have listened to some information introduced by Mara about the role of women in the medieval society.
After that we have visited the Clock Tower , that was built in the 14th century. It is 64 m. high. If you make your way on the top of the tower to the wooden balcony, you can look out over the town. Now it is not only the clock Tower but also the museum of history. And a lot of famous people lived here. After that we saw the house were was born Vlad Tepes (who was called by the legend Dracula), and we have heard some words about him and his myth.
It was very interesting to visit the medieval citadel that has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Here you can see a lot of nice small houses, built by the German craftsmen and merchants. During the 17th century the town had as many as 15 guilds and 20 handicraft branches. Those times the town was dominated by the German artisans and craftsmen.
After a very tasty lunch we saw the play, made by the forum theater which spoke about the tolerance in the Romanians schools.
Valentino (IT), Dennis (DE), Dea (RO), Cosmin(RO)

Forum theatre at the Association the Interethnic Educational Youth Center (IBZ)
Firstly, this form of theatre is an interaction between players and spectators (spect-actors) where the public can change the actions, the story, by clapping the hand, discussing the problem and take action, so at the end we can see a completely different story. The time of the play isn't known from the beginning. The actors are children and are coordinated by an adult and addresses generally to youth. There must be a group, which cannot be changed, called the 'oppressors', a neutral group and a main character. The theme of the play is usually taken from the quotidian problems of the society. Secondly, we could watch the play in Sighisoara, not in a theatre, but in a cellar.
All in one, it's in our power to change in better the world we live in. Our project "Encouragement for changes" helps us to take action against discrimination and not judging people at first sight. Mentality cannot be changed immediately so we must insist to change, even if the results won't show up right away.
Claudia Mengasini(IT), Dorka Gera (HU), Horatiu Bota (RO), Raluca Tegzesiu (RO)

Sistec Spirit: the Core of the Future
Nervous, enthusiastic, confused, bored... It was impossible to see two people sharing the same emotions. As we entered the Sistec center, the tension amplified, the group was buzzing, and you could feel curiosity in the air across the cramped corridors. The adventure began as we entered a restricted area, as we started imagining what they could possibly hide in there.
We were a bit disappointed to see computer cases piled all across the warehouse, but the eerie ambient was beyond our expectations. The staff was simply amazing: working into the wired puzzle inside the exposed boxes with such tenacity and patience. They were eager to share their knowledge, secrets and abilities, while we became more and more excited about what was happening around us. Slowly, as the cold box started to come to life board by board, we began to draw a map of the labyrinth: the microprocessor is the core of the computer while the hard disk is useful for storing information for a longer period of time, unlike memory which stores the information temporarily only. The components take a long journey from Taiwan, Japan, Koreea and Costa Rica before they are inserted into the computers. The staff showed us that in only 15 minutes you can assemble a computer. Imagine how many you could assemble in a month, if you worked 8 hours a day?! No computers are assembled prior to an order, and are delivered only across the country. The company is not that well known internationally but they have partners abroad.
Eleonora Tavani (IT), Henrietta Kovacs (HU), René Stolle (DE), Mihai Vereş (RO)
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Together, for Europe
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Guided tour
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Discussions on gender studies with prof. Petruta Mandrut
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Study visit in Sighisoara
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Women role in medieval society
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Being spect-actors in the Forum Theatre
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